Unhackable single unit architecture for the corporate cyber security arena


End-point in the corporate cyber security arena as well as smart home automation, smart facilities, and beyond

SOHO STICK (Adapter)

Portable solution to protect any device utilizing Anubis and Ammit Unhackable Cloud technology


For 5 years, CAT Inc. has been at the forefront of creating leading edge technologies and cyber business models for the corporate sector. CAT’s core expertise is developing and implementing real-time technologies and enterprises that meet the needs of the rapidly evolving Cyberworld. CAT strives to address all technological progress related to market requirements and how these advancements affect the business world and individual customers. CAT's innovations contribute to the progression towards the vision of “Big Data” and the global “Internet of Things” (IOT).

CAT has developed OT-OCN (Operation Technology and Operation Centric Network), which is the most dependable infrastructure in cyber world code. CAT's premise is that the Cyberworld is now the predominant business and social universe that deals with ongoing, real-time business exchanges and personal activities. The current “after the fact” method of creating reports, storing information, mining and analyzing data to make business decisions is too slow in today's demanding business world.

American superior ingenuity. American owned. Made in America.


For more information contact CAT Inc. at or call (510) 281-0700. Mailing address: CAT Inc. 2150 Shattuck Ave, Suite 200, Berkeley, CA 94704